Chanda Hakanson

Being a merchant is in my blood. My great grandma, Mama Conley, owned a trading post in Melrose, NM. My Great Great Grandma Nolan owned a ranch, selling beef and other commodities, after her husband died at a young age this strong woman raised her boys by herself while also riding a leg of the Pony Express. I also come from a long line of "pickers". My dad was an auctioneer (our home was full of antiques), alongside my mom they bought and sold antiques and my Grandma Chapel took me to every yard sale, estate sale, and flea market she could find.

I studied Art and Design in college which led me to a "out of the box" upcycling business, Found By Red. where I have tons of fun making something out of nothing. I’m a very busy mom with six kids, but finding time to create is as important as having air to breathe. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband who just smiles when I pull up to the house with a car full of barnwood. 

I feel so blessed to be part of an amazing company and I’m excited about Bringing the Vintage Experience to you with Vintage Market Days®