I grew up in the small town of Coalville, Utah.  My grandparents lived right across the street and I spent many hours playing at Grandma’s house; feeding pigs, collecting eggs, making mud pies, jumping on the trampoline with my many cousins, and enjoying “farm” life. 

Our family moved to the city and that took me down the path of meeting my husband, Matt, and that led to my two greatest blessings, Wyatt & Austin. I am a proud mama. I love all the crazy moments that come with being a mom of two boys……. well, young men now.  Wyatt is almost 19, he is a talented actor, a great friend, hard-working, very organized and will hopefully be joining me on running events.  Austin, soon to be 16, has the kindest heart, is ridiculously smart, also talented and I will be using his muscles on future events.  Both of my boys got their good looks from their father, Matt, who has been very supportive of me pursuing my dream. My mom and my sister have always been in my corner and are two of my best friends, I look forward to being able to spend more time with them creating amazing events!

You could say that my love of vintage things is connected to the many wonderful memories I have of those items that surrounded me in my childhood.  I am unable to pass up dishes or knick-knacks that my grandma, or my mom had when I was growing up. Having some of these items in your home brings the comfort of familiarity and it makes you smile when you look at them. This opportunity was an answer to prayer, thank you to all who made it possible! 

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105