A brunette and  a blonde with an unbreakable bond… 


I’m Brandi Nollin. I'm also known as Tex and Myles mom and Dr. Nollin’s wife.

I have been married to the brilliant and oh so handsome Zachary Nollin for 4 years.

I’m an avid shopper with a vintage obsession. I love remodeling and flipping older homes.

Since I’m surrounded by boys constantly, 

I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey with my very best girl friend, Erica Parker. 


Erica is the mother of 3 beautiful children. 

2 boys and 1 sassy little girl and the wife of her very witty,

and oh so handsome husband Shannon for 13 years.

She is a girlboss, aesthetician, & the human GPS.

If she has been there once, she's been there a thousand times,

you'll never get lost with her by your side!


We strive to make Vintage Market Days® more than just an event.

Vintage Market Days® is an unforgettable experience with it’s own theme, live music & a lot of charm!

We hope you can join us!



Bringing the Vintage experience to you®