Brandon & Jess Baugus

You’re probably thinking to yourself right about now that there’s no way that we, Brandon and I, are any older than high school graduates, but looks are deceiving. Brandon and I have only been married since this last February, meaning kids are not in our present lives just yet, but may find their way into our future when the timing is right.


 With that being said, I have always had a passion for decorating, repurposing, design, etc. and soon after Brandon came into my life he was just as in love with those things as I am. Before we were married Brandon would travel 188 miles one way to visit me EVERY weekend...and EVERY weekend I would have rearranged or redecorated since he was home last. I was adding new pieces to my gallery wall, rearranging the living room, or totally changing the bathroom color scheme. As time went by, Brandon started to come up with new home decor projects for himself and began to understand the addiction. He started out not really having a clue how to build something as simple as a coffee table, but he was determined to learn, and that is just what he did. 


Not too long after his love for this life started to flourish it was time for me to move to Jacksonville, NC where Brandon is stationed with the Marine Corps, meaning I knew nothing and no one. That meant it was time for us to start building some more, doing something to keep both of us busy but finding something we could do together. We started out doing small scale wood working and have gradually made our way to producing some pretty neat stuff for people. 


We had never really thought about becoming vendors before, but it did run in our family so we took a trip to the Vintage Market Days of Nashville and fell in love all over again with this world and what the brand was all about. We were immediately on board with the way the events were set up, the environment they had, and meeting vendors from all of the country was amazing. 


After doing a little research and learning what Vintage Market Days is all about we were extremely excited to pursue a future with VMD. And here we are just a few months later, building relationships across our territory and within our Vintage Market Days community, doing all that we can to bring the best vintage experience to you! 


We cannot wait to grow our market in Savannah, and continue to thank all of our friends and family for their love and support as we not only grow our market but our marriage. 




Brandon & Jess Baugus


Franchise - Vintage Market Days of Savannah