Ken & Kate Hendrix

Hey Everyone!!! I wanted to share a bit about our little family and why we do what we do!! Ken & I have been married for (drum roll, please!), 20 years,📷😍this year!!! We have two sweet girlies, Madeleine (7) and Emma (5). We moved to Lee’s Summit, MO from San Antonio, TX 4 years ago and absolutely love the Midwest!! Ken & I work together at Vintage Market Days...we joke that I’m the “art” and he’s the “science”📷😂. If you haven’t been to one of our’re in for a treat!! Vintage Market Days® is an upscale vintage-inspired indoor/outdoor market featuring original art, antiques, handmade treasures, home decor, outdoor furnishings, consumable yummies, seasonal plantings and a little more. Vintage Market Days® is an opportunity for vendors to display their talents and passions in creative venues. Ken & I both have a passion and drive to create an unforgettable experience for our customers, a framework for our vendors to help build their business, a positive environment for our staff and a platform and voice for our non-profit to be heard. We sincerely care about and are so grateful for each person who is touched by our events. We are coming up on our 8th event in the Kansas City area, April 26-28 and we are so thankful that your support has brought us this far!! This is going to be our best season yet!! We hope you can join us.
From our Family to Yours,
Ken, Kate, Madeleine & Emma