Meet the Owner


Hi My name is Amanda Wilkinson. I am 35 years old and have lived in Northeastern Oklahoma all of my life. I am married to my high school sweetheart Jared and we have one beautiful daughter who is 11 named Kamry. I LOVE Jesus, Hair, (I’ve owned my own Salon for 5 years now) and Anything Vintage. All these things have always been a passion of mine. When i was little my Mema and Papa had a store that she owned with all kinds of treasures in it and my Great Uncle always ran auctions and loved antiques! So basically my whole life I have grown up around the idea of Vintage. I was introduced to Vintage Market Days around 7 years ago. My best friend and I would attend both spring and fall events in Tulsa Oklahoma where it all started. It was our tradition we never missed an event! The whole concept of VMD is what sparked my interest to become a vendor!! So me and my Aunt who also loves antiques purchased a small camper and started doing small shows and we found our niche!! Well by doing that it lead to our interest of potentially owning a Franchise in VMD!! So with lots of Prayers and God opening doors for us we purchased our first Franchise is Vermont!!I absolutely love working with her and being able to bring the Vintage Experience to New England. VMD has lead us to lots of new franchise owner friends and vendors who I literally consider family now! Kallie and her momma being one of them! A few months ago she came to me to let me know that God was leading her in another direction and that she was giving me the opportunity to continue my passion and to finally get my Dream Franchise in Texas!!! So here i am today the New owner of VMD OF EAST TEXAS!! I couldn't be more happier. I love my Salon, VMD of Vermont and VMD of East Texas!! With all this being said I want everyone to know that I am absolutely so ready to continue to Bring the Vintage Experience to East Texas!! It will be so hard to follow in Kallie and Kim’s footsteps but i can promise you i will pour my heart and soul into these events and make them an amazing experience for you!! 



Amanda Wilkinson