Michele Blackwill

My passion for crafting and collecting vintage items, to repurposing unique findings and making them into something new, Brings me to where I am today. For years I have been on the vendor side. I love selling my creations and vintage finds. The thrill of setting up and opening my little shop at an event and selling what I have created. I have always loved going to yard sales, fleas markets and estate sales. Looking for that perfect little treasure and finding space in my home to display it or to add to my little shop for an event. Vintage brings a smile to my face, “the remembering back when” and the story that it brings to me.

 I am thrilled to be able to bring the vintage experience to Wichita. We are excited about Vintage Market Days and what it represents.  I am looking forward to sharing Wichita Vintage Market Days with you!

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