Mother-Daughter Duo

Kallie Williamson & Kim Scobee


I collected and made so many items, I could not close the trailer door.

So I decided to become a vendor, selling my pickins', wooden signs & more. 

Many late nights in the garage, sawing, sanding, then paint,

I want to revive these old pieces, to let them die, I can't

For each one has character and charm, just needing a little TLC,

I spruce them up and go to the shows, a new home is meant to be.

While unpacking from the "Vintage Fairytale" show, I received a call I could not believe!

Asking me if I would be interested in becoming a franchisee!

To celebrate everything vintage, its like traveling back in time.

I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I called my partner in crime.

 Mom, I hope your sitting down, for I am so amazed,

I have been offered to buy a piece of Vintage Market Days!

In East Texas, my backyard, there couldn't be a better opportunity.

Everything I love, like treasures, good food, and good times - All in my community.

I know God wants me to do this, it's a feeling I have inside,

But, I know I cannot do it alone, I need you by my side. 

To the two brillant ladies, who fancied an idea, 

Yes, I'm speaking of Amy and Diana.

You are fufilling the dreams of many, from Nevada to Savannah. 

So now we take this pledge to heart, to represent and be worth,

The honor bestowed upon us to host, The Greatest Event on Earth!





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