Travis & Char

I grew up in a tiny village on the Island of Trinidad. My passion for creativity and handcrafts started out as a child. It was in our culture to make your own furniture and refurbish our home furnishing. We made our own lotions, creams and herbal potions which I now use in my soaps today. 

When I first began making and selling my soaps my love was for farmers markets and any place that sold all natural foods and goods. I gradually ventured into the Vintage side where I also found a fit. I did that for years until I stumbled upon Vintage Market Days in St. Louis. I fell in love immediately, I felt like I was back home, from all the unique finds. I remember telling my mom, “Look, we used that at home!” I was on a mission from then on and wanted to be part of the Vintage World and Vintage Market Days is where I found my home.

Travis is a native of Oklahoma, grew up in Moore. His mom has a love for Vintage Items where you can find unique pieces at her home. He had a very exciting childhood being that his mom loved craft and Renaissance festivals where she dragged Travis along. Travis and I met at a craft show. He told me this is what he wanted to do for a living. Little did he know his dream would come true! To continue his tradition, we participate in the Norman and Kansas City Renaissance fairs as vendors.

Travis and I are truly blessed, we have a wonderful extended family, who is very supportive with our businesses.  We both believe life is an adventure and we so excited to be owners of Vintage Market Days of North Central Colorado.  

Bringing the Vintage experience to you…in Colorado!

UPDATE: Char passed away last October 2016.She was a very wonderful and talented person. She loved being a vendor, as well as putting on a wonderful event for you! This tradition will continue on in her honor. She will be greatly missed!!


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