Shauna Wardlaw

Hey y’all! Welcome to Vintage Market Days® of Metro Greensboro! I’m a small town girl that has a passion for all things vintage and after being a vendor at my first Vintage Market Days® event, I knew I had found my calling. The butterflies, excitement, and love that come from working with such a great community of people are absolutely amazing.

I’m very blessed to have a wonderful family. A husband that is my biggest fan and supports my passions. Two puppies that provide continuous love and support with snuggles and kisses. And parents that give me strength and courage to follow my dreams. I’m beyond excited to be bringing the vintage experience® to Charlotte and to provide a platform for others to showcase their incredible talents.

Each Vintage Market Days® event is a unique opportunity for vendors to display their talents and passions in different venues. The Market also provides the customer with a very special shopping experience. We absolutely love the thought of bringing the Vintage experience to both vendors and customers! 

We strive to make Vintage Market Days® more than just a sale. Vintage Market Days® is an event with its own theme, live music & a lot of charm! We hope you can join us!

Bringing the Vintage experience to you®…Shauna

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